We are an NHS dental practice providing a full range of health service dental treatments. Our NHS list is still currently open. If you are registered with a doctor in Northern Ireland then you are eligible to be registered with us as an NHS dental patient.


Some treatments are not available on the NHS and are available privately. Some of these treatments are outlined below;


Tooth whitening (£250)

Tooth whitening is a cosmetic treatment used to enhance the shade of your teeth. If you find that your teeth have become yellow over time, or have been stained by such things as tea, coffee, red wine or cigarette smoking that does not come off with regular brushing, or if you would just like to brigthen your smile then this treatment could be used. 


The whitening system we use is a take home bleaching tray system. The benefits of this compared to laser whitening are that the bleaching is easier to control, sensitivity is reduced, and long term the cost is lower.

Air Polish (£30)

This pain free service utilises an air polisher to give your teeth a thorough, comprehensive clean. The air polisher uses a pressurised powdered mist to remove plaque and staining, and we will also scale your teeth to remove calculus. 

White FilliNgs (From £40)

White fillings are a more natural looking alternative to metal fillings which can be made to match the shade of your tooth. They are also adhesive, which means that they form a strong bond to the tooth. 


Onlays (From £200) 

These are tooth coloured restorations which are made offsite and then cemented onto the tooth. They are useful to restore teeth with large cavities which may otherwise require a crown.

Cosmetic Crowns (From £300)

A crown is another type of restoration which is made offsite and is cemented over the remaining tooth structure. They can be used to restore very badly broken down teeth, to improve the appearance of heavily filled or discoloured teeth, or to change the shape of teeth. They are made of porcelain, with or without a metal lining, and produce a very natural looking result.

Bridges (From £500)

A bridge can be used to replace missing teeth. Unlike a denture it is cemented onto the adjacent teeth and is not removable. As with crowns, they are made from porcelain with or without a metal lining, and can produce a very natural looking result.